Six months old today!

I just had an epiphany.  After years of wondering why the hell people with children throw birthday parties for kids who are too young to even realize that they are a sentient being, I now understand that it's more about the parents celebrating the fact that they managed to keep something alive for a year.  

With that in mind, today marks six months since I opened the door of this place and I haven't yet fallen into financial decrepitude, so I think I might have a celebratory drink!  And eat lots of pizza!  Come by if you're in town - there will be $6 specials all night!

Patio season is upon us!

Breezing through to the end of month two now, and so far so good!  Amazing support from the locals, awesome shout-outs from blogTO, YP Dine and NOW Magazine, and genuine enthusiasm across the board for the Ontario wine.  Plus, there's a patio, and it's getting kind of nice out.  Just sayin'.

Two weeks!

Tonight marks the start of week three!  Already starting to feel like it's home away from home.  A few people have asked if there will be any St. Patrick's Day festivities, but I don't think I'll do anything special...we can discuss the works of James Joyce though, if you want.

A few new additions to the lineup as of today!  Very excited to have wines from Aure on the list, including a lovely sparkling white Gamay, a badass Pinot Noir, and the mercurial Marechal Foch.  If you've never had Foch before, come give it a go here - you can thank me later.