Patio season is upon us!

Breezing through to the end of month two now, and so far so good!  Amazing support from the locals, awesome shout-outs from blogTO, YP Dine and NOW Magazine, and genuine enthusiasm across the board for the Ontario wine.  Plus, there's a patio, and it's getting kind of nice out.  Just sayin'.

Two weeks!

Tonight marks the start of week three!  Already starting to feel like it's home away from home.  A few people have asked if there will be any St. Patrick's Day festivities, but I don't think I'll do anything special...we can discuss the works of James Joyce though, if you want.

A few new additions to the lineup as of today!  Very excited to have wines from Aure on the list, including a lovely sparkling white Gamay, a badass Pinot Noir, and the mercurial Marechal Foch.  If you've never had Foch before, come give it a go here - you can thank me later.


So far, so good...

Opening the door just 9 days ago seems like a distant memory; it's almost as though we have always just been chez nous!  Lots of positive feedback from locals and visitors to the neighbourhood alike.  Hoping to throw some sort of 'grand' opening in the coming weeks, perhaps after the St. Patrick's dust has settled...